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Other Hells: Carlo Cottarelli, All’Inferno E Ritorno, Feltrinelli, 2021

Cottarelli, All'Inferno e Ritorno
Ultimo saggio di Carlo Cottarelli, 2021

Carlo Cottarelli is an authoritative economist, with experiences in important institutions. In my opinion we could define him, with an oxymoron, a romantic enlightenment. In fact, for years he has been engaged in monitoring the Italian situation, studying the increasingly urgent adjustments to our unsustainable way of life.

In this essay he highlights the two essential drivers to change our course: equality in possibilities, reward to merit. He rightly points out that these are the two sides of a single coin. A medicine therefore not economistic but political, purely political. And that Cottarelli proposes with almost heartfelt tones, with the sentiment of those who do not accept to see a community plodding along despite being rich in potential and talents. Reason and sentiment. One cannot disagree, especially in a “hellish” time like this pandemic. The voice is authoritative, but as always you have to want to listen to it: a lot of people are fine in hell.

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