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The 3rd Canto, The Hell’s Door


Inferno, III, 1-18.    “…PER ME SI VA NELLA CITTA DOLENTE,…   Noi siam venuti al loco  ov’i’ t’ho detto che tu vedrai le genti dolorose c’hanno perduto il ben de l’intelletto”         Ink and watercolour.   39×59,5.   11/2019

The third illustration is the last scene “in the sunlight”, before the infernal transit. I absolutely wanted “to save” the famous warning verses on the door; I do not know “literal” interpretations of the “incipit” of Canto III.   The intent conditioned the composition, even if I tried to give the scene as much breadth as possible; even at the cost of some “perspective licence”.  

My “door” is a closed door! Surely a mistake. We can identify this door with the infernal one – called “sanza serrame” – referred to in verses 124/130 of the eighth canto. I have not been careful enough, it is more than obvious. Penance will want me to draw a second illustration, perhaps later and less – hopefully – clumsy.