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The 9th Canto: A Celestial Agent!

Canto IX, 85-87.

A Celestial Agent helps Dante and Virgil, prevented from entering the infernal city of Dite by the demons. The nature of this rescuer is considered "angelic" by almost all commentators. Without even bothering the Archangel Michael, I gave the "agent" the features of a "guardian". No wings. The scene is taken from within the city of Dite, and is moved by the figures of damned and demons agitated by the opening of the gate and by the harsh words of the agent,  who enjoins them not to create obstacles. The demons: I had fun imagining them equipped with wings with the nature of "prostheses", a sort of exoskeletons in the "manner" of many antagonistic "villains" of the DC and Marvel superheroes. Wings borrowed from crows, from prehistoric birds, from insects as in the case of the "devil" in the foreground, bottom right. Improbable wings, which almost only obey my figurative needs. I enjoyed myself.
Divina Commedia, Inferno, Canto 9, Il messo divino
Canto 9 dell’Inferno: il messo celeste, “the celestial agent”.

Watercolour, Ink, pencil. 45,4 x 53,5. Dec 2022.