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Federico Zuccari, Divina Commedia. The Infernal Door And The Terrible “Inscription”.

Since I wrote somewhere that I did not remember an illustration or painting that reproduced in full or legibly the famous "inscription" that Dante places on top of the infernal door, here is the first exception; you never stop knowing. It is one of the 88 illustrations that the sixteenth-century painter Federico Zuccari dedicated to Dante's poem and which “re-emerged” from the Uffizi heritage to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the poet's death. Works that I did not know (as I think many) and that strike me above all for the choice of "detaching" the impalpable figures of the damned souls from the whole with a double monochrome, sepia and black and white or rather gray. Academically flawless. A bit cold the result. At least in my eyes.  The digitized exhibition by the Uffizi, however, allows a fantastic reading of the tables and I certainly recommend its vision.

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