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About me ....

I introduce myself. I was born in Modena 69 years ago, and I live in Monguelfo (Pusteria Valley).

I like drawing. As a boy I have long cultivated the idea of ​​making it a job. It did not go like this, it went down a completely different way and in any case one of satisfaction. But the pencils ended up in the drawer, waiting …for the free time of retirement.

Regaining confidence with the pencil was not easy. I started… copying, copying and copying again; studying the composition, a difficult aspect for me who prefer illustrations. In the end, due to my characteristics, it was the right choice because after about two years of practice I found myself “almost” at ease in front of the blank sheet.

Why a site? To show what I do, even if I do it essentially for myself. I have no professional goals, I design for passion, but with constancy.  I think that time, returned after years of very engaging working career, should not be wasted on unrealistic ideas, not at this age.

And then exposing yourself is a commitment to improve. Improvement is not an imperative; but when I see old work done a year or two ago I feel like redoing them, and knowing that they are messes in plain sight is – at least for me – an incentive to ..intervene.

Internet is the cheapest and most immediate place to “show” things! Today it is not difficult to create a site, that is, a more “personal” space than any “social”. It will be an extra effort to keep your mind awake! If you also see a bit of narcissism in it, I’ll have to accept it. After all, and not so deep, you will have seen well.I